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Research Paper #942

Title:Investigating Evolutionary Optimisation of Constrained Functions to Capture Shape Descriptions from Range Data
Authors:Robertson,C; Fisher,RB; Corne,D; Werghi,N; Ashbrook,A
Date:Jan 1999
Presented:Accepted for "Advances in Soft Computing-Engineering Design and Manufacture, and WSC3 online conference 1998
Abstract:This paper examines the application of an evolutionary algorithm (GENOCOP III) to the problem of fitting surface and lines to both 2D synthetic and real 3D range data. The fitting is performed with both non-linear (domain) constraints and with non-linear (geometric and relational) constraints. Example fittings are given as well as an explanation of experimental caveats that should be addressed when using this kind of approach. We have discovered, for example that the time to generate starting reference points on the solution manifold is a significant part of the experiment time.

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