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Research Paper #933

Title:A Common Process Language
Date:Nov 1998
Presented:Submitted to the Journal, Knowledge-Based Systems, Elsvier Science, December 1998
Abstract:The Common Process Framework (CPF) provides methods, tools, and representations for integrating AI planning technology and plan representations into organisations for the primary purpose of synthesising and managing organisational processes. It meshes and extends past and present University of Edinburgh planning research and infuses it with new work in ontological engineering, knowledge sharing, software/requirements engineering and design rationale. One component of the framework is the Common Process Language (CPL) which is derived from a sorted, first order language. This language is used to express processes and process domain knowledge from a constraint-based view of the world. The elements of this perspective are defined in the Common Process Ontology (CPO) which underpins the terms and concepts in CPL. The language is used by oall of the CPF tools for exchanging rich process knowledge. The CPL approach allows for very flexible constraint expressions which are defined via extended grammar specifications. This paper presents the CPL and defines both its core lexicon and grammar along with default sub-language extensions for constraint expressions.

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