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Research Paper #932

Title:Mapping Timepoint-Based Constraints into Interval Relationships
Date:Nov 1998
Presented:Cited in a paper submitted to the Journal, Knowledge-Based Systems, Elsvier Science, December, 1998
Abstract:In our work on a Common Process Framework (CPF) we have sought to define a life-cycle of activities surrounding the management of process knowledge. One of the most important aspects of process knowledge involves time. Different views of time may be expressed with either timepoints or time intervals. The primary representation of time we use in CPF involves the former while we are also interested in mappint this information to the latter. Unique sets of timepoint-based constraints between two process activities may be legal or illegal (i.e. they are consistent or inconsistent) and they may also either partially or completely specify a relationship from Allen's standard set of 13. In this paper we explore this space of mappints between timepoint-based constraints and interval relationships and report on the number of legal, complete and partial constraint configurations.

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