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Research Paper #930

Title:A Common Process Ontology for Process-Centred Organisations
Authors:Polyak,ST; Tate,AB
Date:Nov 1998
Presented:Submitted to the Journal, Knowledge-Based Systems, Elsvier Science, December 1998
Keywords:ontology, process design
Abstract:The world of business and organised work is changing. This change is driven by a shift of organisational focus away from individual fragmented tasks toward an examination of the holistic processes. New tools are being developed to assist individuals in building, evaluating, and managing these processes. The application of these tools though must be holistic as well. Organisational knowledge management should be structured in a way that encourages exchange of process knowledge. In order to effectively share information, we believe there must be an explicit account of what knowledge will be exchanged, a shared understanding. We approach this by providing an extensible ontology which presents process related concepts and terminology which are common to a renage of applications and industries.

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