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Research Paper #921

Title:TF Method: An Initial Framework for Modelling and Analysing Planning Domains
Authors:Tate,AB; Polyak,ST; Jarvis,P
Date:Aug 1998
Presented:Presented at AIPS-98 Workshop on Knowledge Engineering and Acquisition for Planning
Abstract:Early work on the NONLIN and O-Plan projects indicated a need for a defined methodology which would guide users performing various roles in the acquisition and analysis of domain requirements for planning. This work included links to a requirement analysis methodology, CORE (COntrolled Requirements Expression), tool support via an intelligent assistant as part of the Task Formalism (TF) Workstation and an initial collection of guidelines and checklists to aid in using the TF domain description language. This paper describes work underway to follow-on from this past research and to infuse it with knowledge gained from recent research related to planning domain development, knowledge modelling, design rationale and ontological and requirements engineering.

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