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Research Paper #889

Title:Adversarial Planning in Complex Domains
Authors:Willmott,SN; Bundy,A; Levine,J; Richardson,J
Date:Jan 1998
Presented:Submitted to ECAI 98
Abstract:Most current planning research relies on the assumption of a benign domain containing only co-operative agents. there has been little work on applying modern planning techniques to adversarial domains where this assumption does not hold. This paper discusses the development of an HTN Adversarial Planning architecture and the issues involved in successfully applying such a goal driven approach in complex domains. the architecture was tested by using it to build a reasoning system name GOBI able to plan for Go problems of the types commonly found in teaching books. GOBI only has limited knowledge but still performs well on a significant subset of GO problems. The results also opened up interesting new approaches to tackling the problem of programming for Go, but this paper concentrates on the planning aspect.

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