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Research Paper #856

Title:Directing the Search of Evolutionary and Neighbourhood-Search Optimisers for the Flowshop Sequencing Problem with an Idle-Time Heuristic
Authors:Ross,PM; Tuson,AL
Date:Jun 1997
Presented:To appear in the Proceedings of the 1997 AISB Workshop on Evolutionary Computing Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag
Abstract:This paper presents a heuristic for directingthe neighbourhood (mutation operator) of stochastic optimisers, such as evolutionary algorithms, so to improve performance for the flowshop sequencing problem. Based on idle time, the heuristic works on the assumption that jobs that have to wait a relatively ong time between machines are in an unsuitable position in the schedule and should be moved. The results presented here show that the heuristic improves performance, especially for problems with a large number of jobs. In addition the effectiveness of the heuristic and search in general was found to depend upon the neighbourhood structure in a consistent fashion across optimisers.

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