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Research Paper #800

Title:How to Attract Females: Further Robotic Experiments in Cricket Phonotaxis
Authors:Webb,B; Hallam,JC
Date:Mar 1996
Presented:Submitted to S.A.B. 1996
Keywords:perception and action, neural correlates of behaviour
Abstract:Female crickets apparently choose between possible mates: such behaviour is highly interesting in evolutionary theory. In this paper we address the issue of what complexity of sensorimotor competence may be required to explain this choice behaviour, through the design and analysis of a real robot model. Two strategies that this methodology enables are illustrated: the ability to match internal processing data against external behaviour data; and the ability to physically model complex sensory systems using dynamically alterable circuits. We suggest that the explanation of the behaviour may be the particular neural mechanism by which she locates sound; plans for further investigation of this possibility are described.

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