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Research Paper #776

Title:Prolog Program Development Via Enhanced Schema-Based Transformations
Authors:Vasconcelos,W; Fuchs,N
Date:Sep 1995
Presented:Submitted to the 7th Workshop on Logic Programming Environments (in conjunction with ILPS"95)
Abstract:We describe state-of-the-practice results in integrating a program transformation approach to a program development environment. We propose a formalisation for a specific kind of programming knowledge, the programming techniques. Our proposal employs program schemato, generic descriptions of programs addressing portions of predicate definitions in an economical manner, allowing important features to be highlighted and irrelvant details to be disregarded. This formalisation of programming techniques is employed in the definition of a program development framework which supports the preparation of individual predicates, and additionally provides a supervising facility which checks inter-procedural relations for possible efficiency improvements.

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