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Research Paper #760

Title:"Did i Say what i Think i Said, and do You Agree with Me?": Inspecting and Questioning the Student Model
Authors:Bull,S; Pain,HG
Date:Jun 1995
Presented:Accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education, 1995.
Abstract:This paper describes a student model which is open to learner inspection, and whose contents may be jointly negotiated by the student and system. Both the learner and the system have the opportunity to defend their own, and argue against the other's beliefs about the student. This discussion between the learner and the system is designed on the one hand to result in a more accurate student model, and more importantly, also to promote learner reflection and therefore to contribute directly to learning. A preliminary evaluation shows that students are willing to inspect their own student model, and moreover, they will challenge the model if they disagree with its contents.

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