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Research Paper #755

Title:A Meta-Level Framework for Exploring Conflicts in Multiple Knowledge Bases
Date:May 1995
Presented:In the proceedings of AISB-95, J. Hallam, ed. "Hybrid problems, hybrid solutions" IOS Press, 1995.
Abstract:This paper presents a meta-level framework for exploration of multiple knowledge bases in which conflicting opinions are expressed. Working from the assumption that we need to live with and learn to use knowledge bases reflecting mutually inconsistent points of view, a formal meta-language is defined for articulating the relationships between, and arguments for, propositions in knowledge bases independently of their particular object-level representation. The meta-level can be viewed either as an abstraction up from object-level knowledge bases, via a process called mark-up, or as a means of supporting specification of knowledge bases which can then be fully defined at the object-level. an initial prototype has been implemented to evaluate the usefulness of this framework and to assess its computational feasibility. The results so far are promising.

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