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Research Paper #754

Title:Support for Argumentation in Natural Resource Management
Date:May 1995
Presented:In the proceedings of the "AI and the Environment" Workshop, IJCAI-95, Montreal, August 1995.
Abstract:Natural resource and environmental management decisions often require that many people's point of view are taken into consideration, including scientific experts from different disciplines and local stakeholders with different goals and priorities. When there is disagreement, we require ways to explore the reasons for the different viewpoints and to seek out areas of consensus which can be built upon. This paper presents a meta-level argumentation framework for exploring multiple knowledge bases in which conflicting opinions about environmental changes are expressed. A formal meta-language is defined for articulating the relationships between, and arguments for, propositions in knowledge bases independently of their particular object-level representation. A prototype system has been implemented to evaluate the usefulness of this framework and to assess its computational feasibility. The results so far are promising.

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