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Research Paper #746

Title:Persistent Collaboration: Marrying the Technology Push with the Learning Pull
Authors:Conlon,T; Pain,HG
Date:Jan 1995
Presented:Presented at AI-ED, 1995
Abstract:Within the AIED community there is a growing recognition that research methods should be more sensitive to the context of educational practice. We describe a case study in which the specification of new tools for knowledge-based modelling proceeds from an investigation into a range of factors which are likely to influence the capacity of the tools to stimulate change in classroom practice. These include not only technological possibilities but also teachers' previous experience with existing forms of technology, the requirements of the formal curriculum, and established patterns of classroom activity. We suggest that the key to producing "designs that make a difference" may be persistent collaboration between researchers, teachers, and technology experts, leading to a more equal marriage between the technology push and the learning pull.

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