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Research Paper #742

Title:Synchronous Systems for Behaviour Based Robot Control
Date:Feb 1995
Presented:To be presented at the workshop on Mobile Robots, AISB'95 conference, Sheffield, April 4, 1995
Abstract:The operation of a robot is fundamentally tied to the dynamics of the interaction of the robot control system, the physical robot and the environment. Conventional programming techniques will either ignore the controller's dynamics or make many implicit assumptions about them. This has prompted some [Smi94] to suggest that classical models of computation should be completely abandoned in favour of a dynamical systems approach, where the entire system is described and implemented in terms of continuous differential equations. A less extreme, and potentially more tractable approach is that taken by synchronous systems. The synchrony hypothesis allows the programmer to abstract away many of the implicit timing problems faced in robot control. It is argued that this model could be usefully applied to Behaviour Based robot control.

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