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Research Paper #736

Title:Kbst: a Support Tool for Business Modelling in Bsdm
Authors:Chen-Burger,J; Robertson,DS; Fraser,J; Lissoni,C
Date:Feb 1995
Presented:Submitted to IFIP WG8.1 Working Conference on Information System Development for Decentralised Organizations, Trondheim, Norway, 21-23 August, 1995
Abstract:In recent years, enterprise modelling methods have received increasing attention in an effort to provide better information technology (IT) support for the business community. Unlike traditional software engineering techniques, these methods are directed at describing the structure of the business process, rather than the software to support it. One such enterprise modelling methodology is IBM's Business System Development Method (BSDM). To apply such methods efficiently it is important to have an appropriate support tool. This paper describes the development of such a tool, Knowledge-Based Support Tool (KBST), for BSDM. In particular, we focus on the usefulness of a hypertext based diagraming package (HARDY) and the application of case-based reasoning techniques in KBST.

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