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Research Paper #723

Title:Mollusc a General Proof-Development Shell for Sequent-Based Logics
Authors:Richards,B; Kraan,I; Smaill,AD; Wiggins,A
Date:Dec 1994
Presented:Appeared in CADE 12, A. Bundy (ed), Springer Lecture Notes in AI vol. 814, 1994, pp 826-30.
Abstract:This article describes an interactive proof development shell, Mollusc [Richards 93]m which can be used to construct and edit proofs in sequent-based logics. Conceptually, Mollusc may be thought of as a logic-independent successor to Oyster [Bundy et al 90]. However, where Oyster was tied to a variant of Martin-Loef type theory, Mollusc can be used with any sequent-based logic for which a suitable definition is provided. Although developed in a research environment, Mollusc should also be suitable for use in classroom exercises. In addition to proof editing facilities, Mollusc supports the definition of new logics, includes a proof-planner interface, and provides for automated proof construction through a tactic language and interpreter.

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