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Research Paper #664

Title:Synthesizing Computer Configurations from Specifications: Structuring Knowledge for Design
Date:Nov 1993
Abstract:We examine the task of synthesizing large computer configurations from specifications using a knowledge based system. We propose a new approach which breaks away from the traditional rule-based IKBS paradigm. The technique of proof planning is used to synthesize a computer configuration S from a specification spec(S) by proving the theorem there exists S. such that spec(S). Our representation gives a clean separation of the different types of knowledge: object-level, heuristics, and control, and greatly facilitates the exploration of explicit design issues in this domain. We overview the design issues to be taken into account, concentrating on cost and efficiency. We conclude that the task cannot be viewed as either an optimization or a purely constraint driven problem, and that design choices must be preserved and not constrained in the finished configuration. Our prototype system allows this.

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