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Research Paper #659

Title:Recognition of Complex 3-D Objects from Range Data
Authors:Fisher,RB; Fitzgibbon,AW; Waite,M; Trucco,E; Orr,M
Date:Sep 1993
Presented:In the proceedings of th 7th IAPR conference ICIAP, Italy, September 93
Abstract:This paper describes IMAGINE, a project investigating feature-based recognition of complex 3-d objects from range data. The objects considered are bounded by surfaces of variable complexity, from planes to sculptured patches, which occur commonly in manufactured mechanical components. We introduce our current prototype, IMAGINE2, a complete range-based 3-D recognition system and illustrate briefly the solutions adopted in its modules, namely data acquisition, segmentation, solid object modelling, and model matching. Finally, we demonstrate the system's performance in recognizing a typical industrial component, using an automatically acquired 3-D model.

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