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Research Paper #654

Title:A Framework for Program Development Based on Schematic Proof
Authors:Basin,D; Bundy,A; Kraan,I; Matthews,S
Date:Aug 1993
Presented:A version of this paper will appear at IWSSD-93, Los Angeles
Keywords:program synthesis, program verification, program transformation, logical frameworks, deductive synthesis
Abstract:Often, calculi for manipulating and reasoning about programs can be recast as calculi for synthesizing programs. The difference involves often only a slight shift of perspective: admitting metavariables into proofs. We propose that such calculi should be implemented in logical frameworks that support this kind of proof construction and that such an implementation can unify program verification and synthesis. Our proposal is illustrated with a worked example developed in Paulson's Isabelle system. We also give examples of existent calculi that are closely related to the methodology we are proposing and others that can be profitably recast using our approach.

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