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Research Paper #653

Title:Visually Salient 3D Model Acquisition from Range Data
Authors:Bispo,EM; Fitzgibbon,AW; Fisher,RB
Date: 1993
Presented:In the proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference, 1993
Abstract:Automatic model building is a crucial requirement of any model-based vision system which must work in unknown environments. Even in the specialised environments where CAD models are available for the small number of parts, these models often lack visual saliency, impacting on the robustness (more than the mean accuracy) of the system using them. Moreover, the time needed to make such models by hand may be prohibitive, particularly with freeform curved objects; hence automatic model acquisition is greatly desirable. We present a procedure which merges multiple range images of an unmodelled object to create a 3-D body-centred model of the part. By explicitly considering the specific problems of vision systems, we achieve a high-level, robust and accurate description of the unknown scene, where visual applicability of our generated model is guaranteed. The models are characterized by a pleasant 'intuitive' feel which allows easy operator intervention if they must be altered, perhaps to generate a new part from a similar example.

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