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Research Paper #640

Title:From Symbols to Sound Artificial Intelligence Investigation of Sound Synthesis
Date:May 1993
Presented:In the proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Science and Music, London, June 1993
Keywords:intelligent synthesiser design, ai and music, music technology, knowledge-based systems, knowledge representation
Abstract:In this paper we investigate the possibility of an intelligent system for sound synthesis that would allow composition with sounds thought of in terms of abstract descriptions and operations rather than low level computer programming. Our research work is looking for plausible guidelines and strategies to map a composer's intuitive notion of sound structure to the parametric control of electronic sound synthesis. This paper shows how we attempted to approach the problem by means of a compilation of a few well known expert system design techniques used in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research. We begin introducing the problem from a musician's point of view. Then we focus on two major issues of AI/Music: knowledge representation and machine learning. We propose a suitable representation scheme for sound synthesis followed by an inductive learning experiment towards an example prototype synthesiser. We also introduce the prototype functioning in detail and suggest further work.

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