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Research Paper #639

Title:Masque/Sql- an Efficient and Portable Natural Language Query Interface for Relational Databases
Authors:Androutsopoulos,I; Ritchie,GD; Thanisch,P
Date:May 1993
Presented:In the proceedings of the 6th Int'l Conf. on Ind. & Eng Appl. of AI and ES, Edinburgh, 93
Abstract:MASQUE is a powerful and portable natural language front-end for Prolog databases. It answers written English questions by generating Prolog queries, which are evaluated against the Prolog database. This paper describes a modified version of MASQUE, called MASQUE/SQL, which answers English questions by generating and executing SQL code. MASQUE/SQL maintains the full linguistic coverage of the original MASQUE, and can be used with any database system supporting SQL. MASQUE/SQL is efficient, and can be easily configured using the built-in domain-editor.

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