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Research Paper #636

Title:Combining Prolog Programs in a Techniques Editing System
Authors:Vargas-Vera,M; Robertson,DS; Inder,R
Date:May 1993
Presented:Submitted to LOPSTR-93
Keywords:techniques editor, classification of prolog programs, join specification, composition methods, unfold/fold transformations
Abstract:Techniques editing, as proposed by Sterling et al., allows Prolog programs to be constructed by initially selecting a 'skeleton' which determines the flow of control of the program, and then adding on top of this the extra features required by the program. This means that it is easy to obtain as an end-result of techniques editing not only the final program but also a history of its development, in terms of the skeleton and extensions used to build it. We describe how this program history information can be used to produce efficient combined programs from pairs of initial programs constructed independently by a techniques editor.

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