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Research Paper #622

Title:Solving the Modular Exam Scheduling Problem with Genetic Algorithms
Authors:Corne,D; Fang,H; Mellish,CS
Date:Dec 1993
Presented:Published in Industrial and Engineering Applications of AI and Exp.Sys: Proc. of 6th International Conference, Edinburgh 1992
Abstract:Scheduling exam timetables for large modular courses is a complex problem which often has to be solved in university departments. This is usually done by hand, taking several days or weeks of iterative repair after feedback from students complaining that the timetable is unfair to them in some way. We describe an effective solution to this problem involving the use of an appropriately configured genetic algorithm (GA). Using real student data from a large multi-departmental modular degree scheme, the method we describe never failed to quickly find a significantly better timetable than those that were actually employed (produced by hand).

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