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Research Paper #612

Title:A Mathematical Framework for the Problem of Combination of Prolog Programs
Authors:Vargas-Vera,M; Robertson,DS; Inder,R
Date: 1992
Presented:Submitted to ICLP-93
Keywords:skeletons, techniques, extensions, join specification, composition methods, unfold/fold transformations
Abstract:The purpose of this paper is to describe a mathematical framework which supports our environment for the construction of complex Prolog programs by combining simpler Prolog programs described in [VV92]. This framework includes three groups of properties: correctness properties which hold after applying each composition method; properties for the type of program which is obtained in each stage of the combining process and properties for the definition of the join specification. Our motivation for providing this framework is to guarantee the soundness of the composition process at the three levels ie. on our methods, on the type of combined program and properties which are useful to the user level.

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