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Research Paper #610

Title:An Environment for Combining Prolog Programs
Authors:Vargas-Vera,M; Robertson,DS; Inder,R
Date: 1992
Presented:Submitted to IJCAI-93
Abstract:The purpose of this paper is to describe an environment for the construction of complex Prolog programs by combining simpler Prolog programs. The technique consists of the development in parallel of pieces of software which are combined to produce the final program. for producing elegant and efficient programs we need to keep information such as: the kind of program according to a classification effected by considering features of the program and information about history development such as the initial skeleton and techniques that the user applied in the construction of the program. The problem of combining two programs for producing a new program while retaining correctness properties is not an easy problem. Therefore we design a system which provides assistance in deciding how to combine the two programs. The system is based on program transformation, a technique used for optimisation of programs [BD77], supplemented with knowledge of program development.

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