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Research Paper #609

Title:Computing Belief Revision
Authors:Berendt,B; Smaill,AD
Date: 1992
Presented:Submitted to 2nd International Workshop on Logic Programming and Non-Monotonic Reasoning
Keywords:handling inconsistency, truth maintenance
Abstract:This paper introduces a belief revision system on a foundational basis which uses epistemic entrenchment to guide its decisions in the face of conflict. The formalism satisfies the AGM postulates for belief revision and thus combines foundational and coherence approaches. The belief revision system is based on a metatheoretic treatment of first-order logic and treats expansions and contractions as primitives. An algorithm is presented which describes a policy of accommodating new information. With minimal data requirement, this algorithm is guaranteed to lead to a consistent belief system while assembling and keeping as much information as possible and respecting a preference ordering over beliefs. A program based on this formal system has been implemented. A decision-theoretic interpretation of this formalism is discussed.

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