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Research Paper #596

Title:Using Reason Maintenance Systems to Support Ill Structured Problem Solving
Authors:Logan,B; Corne,D; Smithers,T
Date:Aug 1992
Presented:This is a revised version of a paper presented at the ECAI'92 workshop on the Application of Reason Maintenance Systems, Vienna, Austria, August, 1992
Abstract:Problem solving systems incorporating a truth or reason maintenance component have been developed for a number of different domains, including hypothetical reasoning, diagnosis, planning and circuit design. Almost without exception, the problems addressed by these systems are well structured, that is, there exists a complete and consistent statement of the problem requirements when problem solving begins. In this paper we argue that RMS (and in particular assumption-based truth maintenance systems) can also be applied to ill structured problems. We describe a hybrid ATMS-blackboard architecture which has been employed in the development of a number of design support systems in different domains and briefly outline some of the questions raised by our experience with the architecture.

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