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Research Paper #595

Title:The Edinburgh Designer System: an Architecture for Solving Ill Structured Problems
Authors:Logan,B; Corne,D; Smithers,T
Date:Aug 1992
Presented:This is a revised version of a paper presented at the 10th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Vienna, Austria, August 1992
Abstract:In this paper we discuss the role of problem redefinition in solving ill structured problems. We argue that conventional CAD systems are ill equipped to deal with problems where both the requirements and the solutions are incomplete and/or inconsistent. We outline an alternative model which views problem solving as an exploration process and describe a design support system, the Edinburgh Designer System (EDS), based on this model. The hybrid ATMS-blackboard architecture employed by EDS is briefly described and we illustrate how it supports the solution of ill structured problems. Finally, we discuss its relationship to similar systems and outline some of the outstanding research problems arising from our experience with the architecture..

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