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Research Paper #588

Title:'The Same' in Situation Semantics and Drt
Date: 1992
Presented:Subitted to the Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Situation Theory and its Applications (1991), CSLI.
Abstract:In this paper we discuss some interesting data involving "the x" and "the same X" (where X is a relational noun) in two-sentence sequences. We show how the complementary distribution of "the X" and "the same X" in such sequences may be explained by employing the notion of "Role Anaphora" found in the psychlinguistic literature. We develop a formal model of role anaphora in a situation semantics/DRT framework, and show how this is able to account for the data and explain some interesting observations about the role of inference in processing these kinds of sequences. Following this, we turn our attention to some data involving "at the time" and "at the same time". We show how our account is able to explain the distribution of these constructions, and how this leads us to some interesting predictions about the introduction of time roles into the discourse by some eventuality descriptions and not by others.

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