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Research Paper #580

Title:A Prolog-Based Representation for Integratng Knowledge Data
Date: 1992
Presented:Submitted to New Generation Computing
Abstract:Although the history of database systems research is one of exceptional productivity and startling economic impact, many advanced applications have revealed the incapability of the conventional DBMS's in representing and processing complex objects and knowledge. Object-oriented approaches while deductive databases or logic databases have been proposed as a solution to those applications where both knowledge and data models are needed. However, it has been characteristic of the current deductive databases that only actual data is represented explicitly in logic while the data schema is implicitly described in form of predicates. In this paper, we present a Prolog-based representation. It binds the actual data and data schema together in a natural and flexible way. In addition to expressing all the information which can be represented in the entity-relationship (E-R) model, the representation can represent other kinds of semantic information as well.

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