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Research Paper #579

Title:Rule Schema + Rule Body: a 2-Level Representation Language
Date: 1992
Presented:Submitted to IEEE Expter, 1992
Abstract:This paper presents an alternative representation language, rule schema + rule body, to rule-based production systems based on an integration of rule-based and numeric computations. Rule schemata in the language are used to describe the hierarchy among factors or nodes in domain reasoning networks while rule bodies, which comprise computing rules as well as inference rules, are used to express specific evaluation methods for the factors and/or the certainty factors of the factors in their corresponding rule schemata. By representing explicitly numeric computation and inexact calculus as well as inference rules, the language supports a flexible way to process procedural knowledge and uncertainty. A linear forward chaining algorithm, LFA and an expert system building shell, KEshell, based on the language are also introduced in this paper.

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