The University of Edinburgh -
Division of Informatics
Forrest Hill & 80 South Bridge

Research Paper #575

Title:An Adaptation of Proof-Planning to Declarer Play in Bridge
Authors:Frank,I; Basin,D; Bundy,A
Date:Feb 1992
Presented:Submitted to ECAI'92
Abstract:We present FINESSE, as system that forms optimal plans for declarer play in the game of Bridge. FINESSE adapts the technique of proof-planning, developed at Edinburgh University in the context of mathematical theorem-proving, to deal with the disjunctive choice encountered when planning under uncertainty, and the context-dependency of actions produced by the presence of an opposition. FINESSE not only demonstrated how the idea of proof-planning could be generalised, but also proved to be a very capable Bridge system. In its domain of planning for individual suits, it correctly identified the proper lines of play found in many examples from the Bridge literature, supporting its decisions with the probabilistic and qualitative information. Cases were even discovered in which FINESSE revealed errors in the analyses presented by recognised authorities.

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