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Research Paper #511

Title:Hierarchical Music Representation for Composition and Analysis
Authors:Smaill,AD; Wiggins,G
Date:Jun 1990
Presented:To appear in the proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Musical Structures and IT, Marseilles, 1990
Abstract:In this paper, we present intermediate results of continuing research into the utility of generalised hierarchical structures for the representation of musical information. We build on an abstract data type presented in [Wiggins et al 89], using constituents, which are structurally significant groupings of musical events. We suggest that a division into such groupings can be musically meaningful and it can be more flexible than similar approaches. We demonstrate our representation system at work in both analysis and composition, with output from computer programs. We conclude that it is possible and useful to represent music an a way independent of the particular style, tonal system, etc, of the music itself.

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