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Research Paper #503

Title:On the Application of Software Engineering Techniques in Artificial Intelligence Research
Authors:Bernaras,A; Smithers,T
Date:Oct 1990
Presented:Accepted for presentation at the 3rd International Workshop on Software Engineering and itApplications, Toulouse, December, 1990
Keywords:artificial intelligence
Abstract:It has become traditional for researchers in Artificial Intelligence to believe that Software Engineering has little or nothing to offer them in their work. They argue that the kind of program building they engage in is very different from that of the application program builder. We accept that there is a fundamental difference between program building in AI research and the kind of program building software engineering techniques have been primarily developed for. However, we also believe that at least some of the software engineering concepts and techniques currently being developed might be used to improve the research we do in AI. In particular, we suggest how abstraction constructs that are embedded in programming languages to help going from functional specifications to correct programs might help to go from experimental AI research programs to symbol level descriptions of them.

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