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Research Paper #488

Title:A Semantic Approach to Proving Prolog Transformations Using Cut
Authors:Ross,B; Wilk,P
Date:Jul 1990
Presented:Submitted to POPL'91
Keywords:algebraic semantics, control, ccs, prolog, cut
Abstract:An algebraic AND/OR process semantics of sequential Prolog with cut is defined using Milner's's Calculus or Communicating Systems (CCS). This semantics axiomatises the operational semantics at the language level, rather than at a meta-program level. The semantics is hierarchical. A low-level semantics defines the operational semantics of AND/OR processes using CCS formulae. A higher-level semantics, whose definition is justified using the low-level semantics, defines operational behavior at an operator or computation tree level. Some program transformations which make use of cut are verified using This semantics.

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