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Research Paper #482

Title:Modal Queries About Partially-Ordered Plans
Authors:Moffat,D; Ritchie,GD
Date:May 1990
Presented:Submitted to the Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence
Abstract:In order to extract useful information from an intelligent planner about the events and states with which it deals, it is necessary to have some formal characterisation of the underlying ontology, and to define notions of "necessity" and "possibility" in terms of those constructs. A formal language is defined for making modal statements of various types, together with a semantics in terms of states, plans and executions. this language is intended to represent the meanings of modal constructs such might be found in English queries. Various deductive relationships can be characterised within a planner's knowledge base, that are relevant to the evaluation of such queries. A representation of this kind has advantages and disadvantages as a basis for designing a working English language query interface to a real planner.

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