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Research Paper #480

Title:An Incremental Dialogue Planner that Monitors Execution
Date: 1990
Presented:Submitted to the 9th UK Planning Workshop (Ed. N. Shadbolt), pp. 9.1.-9.11, Nottingham, 1990
Abstract:This paper describes an incremental planner which chooses among alternate plans based on an evaluation technique, monitors plan execution, and applies recovery strategies if a plan has failed to have the desired effect. The planner operates in a domain where two computer agents engage in dialogue to complete a simple map navigation task. This domain has the properties that there are always several ways of achieving goals and that execution monitoring and reconsidering plans are essential to completing the task. The planning agent chooses among the possible plans for a goal using an evaluation technique designed to choose the most efficient plan which will satisfactorily complete the task. Execution monitoring is allowed by attaching special postconditions to plan operators which check with the dialogue partner that the goal has been achieved, and by allowing the dialogue partner to interrupt during the course of an interaction. Finally, three recovery strategies are included: repair where the problem is diagnosed by the partner, repair which must be diagnosed by looking at possible failed preconditions in the plan, and replanning with a different operator or a different instantiation of the same operator. These capabilities make this planning architecture appropriate for domains where the effects of actions are uncertain but can be monitored.

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