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Research Paper #467

Title:Chart Parsing for Loosely Coupled Parallel Systems
Date:Feb 1990
Presented:To appear in Current Issues in Parsing Technologies (Ed. M. Tomita)
Abstract:Of the parallel systems currently available, far and away the most common are loosely coupled collections of conventional processors, and this is likely to remain true for some time. By loosely coupled I mean that the processors do not share memory, so that some form of stream or message-passing protocol is required for processor-processor communication. it follows that in most cases the programmer must make explicit appeal to communication primitives in the construction of software which exploits the available parallelism. Even in shared-memory systems, the absence of parallel constructs from available programming languages may mean that appeal to a similar communication model may be necessary at least in the short term. Although not ideally suited to loosely coupled systems, the general problem of parsing speech and natural language is of sufficient importance to merit investigation in the parallel world. This paper reports on explorations of the computation/communication trade-off in parallel parsing, together with the development of a portable parallel parser which will enable the comparison of a variety of parallel systems.

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