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Division of Informatics
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PhD Thesis #9510

Title:Extracting, Organising, Designing and Reusing Prolog Progamming Techniques
Authors:de Vasconcelos,W
Date: 1995
Abstract:Software development is a knowledge-intensive activity in which records of previous similar experiences are in constant demand. The different tasks involved in software develompent would all benefit if tools embodying knowledge of that activity and of the application domain were made available. A number os such knowledge-based tools have been successfully developed. The knowledge-based software development tools developed so far assume that the knowledge is somehow encoded and made available, but no further details as to how this is done is actually provided. The preparation of the knowledge may rquire much labor and ingenuity, for no automated support has been proposed. We have implemented a semi-automated tool to support the management of the knowledge of a knowledge-based programming environment for Prolog. Our proposal incorporates the notion of programming techniques, a specific form of programming knowledge that has been closedly connected with prolog programming. This management tool provides a means to acquire and organise, in the form of a library of Prolog Programming Techniques, the programming knowledge of an expert programmer, making this knowledge accessible to different software development tools.

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