The University of Edinburgh -
Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9918

Title:An Analysis of the Role of Semantic information in Veale & Keane's Sapper model of analogy.
Date: 1999
Abstract:The Sapper model of metaphoric and analogical processing is reviewed. A critique of the model is offered, with emphasis on the lack of cognitively plausible semantics in the Sapper knowledge network. Experimental analyses of the Sapper model demonstrate that in both retrieval and mapping stages, semantic factors are over-ridden by structural ones.This evidence indicates that the Sapper model is effectively a graph matcher. Attempts to extend the model to find structure in a more cognitively plausible database -created using data gathered from Latent Semantic Analysis - show that the Sapper algorithm is not capable of functioning in meaningful times on complex databases that do not contain highly structured knowledge. We conclude with a discussion of the constraints on the role that structure may play in semantic knowledge.

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