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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9904

Title:Here's Looking at You: Finding Gaze Direction in Faces
Date: 1999
Abstract:Gaze direction can be considered as a key factor in the process of social learning since is one of the most reliable indicators of the object that a person is considering or focusing on. This project investigates the estimation of the fixation point, based on the information provided by both eyes, without using special equipment or being user-intrusive. The project assumes that the location of the eye is already estimated by a higher-order process, but not its gaze direction.The steps followed are: iris location and position estimation, gaze direction calculation, eyes location in the scene, and fixation point projection in the screen. Two additional steps are the camera calibration and the user calibration.The experiments carried out show that the iris location is quite good, but the location of other eye features to estimate the iris position, like the eye corners, is not a straightforward task. The fixation point calculation was not as good as expected due to the user calibration process.

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