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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9903

Title:Multilingual Natural Language Generation in English and Danish
Date: 1999
Abstract:This thesis describes a computer program which can produce natural language from an input expressed in purely semantic form, and using grammars written in two different languages which provide the elements required for translating those semantics into well formed sentences. The two languages used are English and Danish, and all computer coding is written in ANSI Common Lisp. The thesis analyses the grammars of these languages, and remarks upon the points of interest that arise when attempting to model different natural languages computationally with a view to producing synonymous output. Extensions to the grammars, which could not be coded due to the limited time available for this project, are also discussed. In addition to this, the approach taken to the structuring of input semantics is evaluated, and the performance of the multilingual aspect of the implementation is compared with other research in that area.

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