The University of Edinburgh -
Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9901

Title:Modelling Interactions
Date: 1999
Abstract:Motion capture techniques allow us to model human movements and use these to animate virtual characters. However, the actions that are captured are often specific to a scene, and can look out of place when applied in a different situation. In order to rectify this, Garbut (Garbut, 1999), working within the framework established in (Johnson,1998), developed methods enabling the modelling and generation of more 'typical' motions. With the ultimate aim of creating a library of broadly useful movements, Garbut successfully showed that Johnson's behaviour modelling approach could be applied to the modelling of 3-dimensional (`joint-angle') data. Calculating the angles from 3-D coordinate points, a data specific representation was developed, and although the technique proved applicable, in doing this, Garbut lost some of the generality that characterises the framework. This thesis introduces a broad framework for the recognition and representation of motion, and places the behaviour modelling approach within this. In searching for a more general representation for the motion-captured data, this thesis investigates the issues concerning choice of such a representation, and reports upon the issues concerning its implementation.

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