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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9834

Title:An Artificially Intelligent Agent for the Computer Game Quake
Date: 1998
Abstract:This paper describes the design and implementation of an artificially intelligent agent for the computer game Quake. The agent is able to navigate complex three-dimensional worlds and engage in combat with other players, both human and artificial. in order to allow the agent freedom of movement within the game world the user can build graph-based representations of the Quake worlds and a simple user-interface is provided to enable this. A behaviour based control system is implemented which allows the agent to move across the world and collect items on it that he most requires, and several different playing personalities are provided to allow the agent to adopt some of the more common strategies used by human players. The results of the project show that such an agent can prove to be a very challenging oppponent for even the most experienced human player. There is still room for improvement, however, and in the final chapter suggestions are made for the advancement of the agent.

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