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MSc Thesis #9821

Title:A Knowledge-Based System for Low Technology Tomato-Greenhouse Management
Date: 1998
Abstract:Simple, plastic-covered greenhouses are used widely in the Mediterranean region for the production of out-of-season vegetables. The greenhouses for tomato production are those which have the highest percentage of the total area of such greenhouses, as they account for over 50%. On the contrary to their economic importance of this greenhouse industry to the region, their low technology status has failed so far to attract the attention of the high technology software industry (which is used in glass-covered greenhouses) and in consequence, the products of the high technology software are not currently available for this kind of greenhouse.In contrast to the simplicity, a typical Mediterranean greenhouse is a complex dynamic system. Many issues have to be considered during the production of out-of-season vegetables within such a system, including energy savings, humidity and climate control, nutrition supply and treatment of possible diseases.This study attempts to solve the above problem of monitoring a greenhouse, in terms of low technological features, or at least to be an advisor for treatment of tomato disorders, rendering the diagnostic procedure automated, by building a knowledge-based system which includes a Diagnostic Expert System and a Fuzzy Logic Monitor. By using such a system, the grower can better manage the greenhouse, and as a result gain all the benefits such as lower cosand input, and better product quality.

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