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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9812

Title:Hand-eye coordination: An evolutionary approach
Authors:Miramontes Hercog,L
Date: 1998
Abstract:The coordination betwen the sensor and motor systems is an essential feature in autonomous intelligent systems. This thesis investigates the evolutionary approach to sensorimotor control using learner classifier systems. A simple classifier system is used to solve the problem of coordinating a pair of eyes and an arm in order to catch an object.First, an analysis of the previous approaches based on neural networks is done. Then a review of what a simple classifier system is, as well as the specific implementation of the simple classifier system to solve this problem. Afterwards ana analysis of the results is presented. Finally a review of the advantages and disadvantages of this approach comparing it with previous ones is offered. Results have shown that classifier systems are a promising tool - which solve this sensorimotor coordination problem - further work needs to be done to determine the limitations of this approach.

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