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MSc Thesis #9768

Title:Induction of Musical Syntax
Date:Sep 1997
Abstract:The suggestion that music is in some senses a language has led to grammars being used to represent classes of music. It is hypothesized that, if music is a language, then some of the techniques for learning such grammars should be applicable to music. In this project the link between music and language is investigated and grammatical inference techniques, i.e. learning grammars from examples, are implemented, tested and developed. The results show that initially success was rather limited, but that with analysis of the algorithms and the results, the problem could be expained and improvements were suggested. Some of these improvements were implemented and tested with mixed success. The work carried out suggests that there should be some suitable grammatical inference technques for use on a domain of music, and some suggestions are given as to the types of algorithms that are suitable and unsuitable for this purpose.

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