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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9738

Title:Simulating Inverse Responses and Time-Delayed Behaviour with Fuzzy Qualitative Simulation
Date: 1997
Abstract:In assessing the controllability of process models, chemical engineers look for two types of behaviour: time delays, and inverse responses. Numerical simulation of more complex process models is prohibitively expensive, hence this project attempts a qualitative simulation using the FUSIM qualitative reasoner. A version of FUSIM was implemented containing self-consistency, pair consistency, and global filters, but lacking a temporal filter. This version proved very successful in detecting inverse response behaviour in systems provided by the Chemical Engineering Department of Edinburgh University. FUSIM itself was then extended to allow, for the first time, a QR system to deal with time-delayed behaviour of its system variables. This was achieved by partitioning the structural description of a system into delayed and non-delayed constraints, such that a constraint is now expressed: [equation omitted] FUSIM constrains delayed variables by retrieving information from higher up the already generated behaviour tree. Experimental results are presented for the simulation of both types of behaviour.

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