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MSc Thesis #9736

Title:Predicting the Best Next View for a Laser Range Striper System
Date:Sep 1997
Abstract:This dissertation defines the Best Next View problem for making a model of an object using a laser range striper and presents a method for solving this problem. The solution suggested utilises a volumetric representation of the object that incorporates uncertainty on the quality of the range measurements used to construct it. This representation is examined from viewpoints on a constrained tessellated sphere. Visibility and quality criteria are used to evaluate each viewpoint and the viewpoint with the highest weighted sum of the criteria is selected to be the Best Next View. An implementation of this approach for a laser striper and an object positioning mechanism with one rotational degree of freedom is presented. Results demonstrate that this implementation builds reasonable volumetric models for a wide variety of objects and that views which "cover" convex, concave and curved objects are selected.

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